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ENCODER - 900 Series

Machines are becoming more and more advanced in classic industrial applications. More complex motions need to be monitored in order to achieve full process control. In order to meet this increasing demand the 900 Series is based on absolute scanning which enables high resolution position feedback.

The 900 Series therefore offers increased performance when it comes to enduring conditions like high temperatures and moisture or vibration and shock.The encoder series is available with different communication interfaces such as EnDat, SSI, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and DRIVE-CLiQ. It is also possible to have a combination encoder with a separate incremental output, fort he sake of achieving a reliable motion feedback at all times.

LEINE LINDE also added an integrated programmable functional SAFETY sytem FSI900 which enables monitoring safe speed, end limits, acceleration, standstill and other safe functions.


Outer Diameter 100 mm
Vibration 200 m/s2
Shaft Load 125N (axial)/400N(radial)
Protection Class IP67
Working Temperature -20….+85
900 Series
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