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ENCODER - 800 Series

800 Series is a very special product line of LEINE LINDE where the encorders are mainly designed for Iron&Steel, Paper, Marine and Wind Power. Since all the latter applications demands robustness, reliability and longevity; LEINE LINDE’s 800 Series combines all these features at a single model. Mechanically it features a dual set of heavy duty bearings and a well-encapsulated enclosure that brings the product to perfection. Especially the 861007455 and 861900220 models are used behind the very big motors at the factories where minimum number of unplanned stops are required and that is where 800 Series enters the stage with reliable and long term solutions.

In order to prevent and to minimize the effect of these kind of unplanned stops, one of the biggest inventions of LEINE LINDE is to develop the ADS System, which is a advanced diagnostic system.

ADS (Advanced Diagnostic System) can detect the slightest pulse skip or any change at the vibration levels and warns you immediately. Thanks to this feature; instead of getting a permenant error either from your encoder or your motor, you may get the warning in advance and realize a planned stop, in order to fix the faults in advance. With this feature LEINE LINDE offers you both saving from time and frpm product

ADS online and ADS Uptime versions are compatible with the 800 Series

800 Series
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