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ENCODER - 600 Series

Leine Linde’s 600 Series is based on a special technology, that was developed by LEINE LINDE for heavy duty applications. Thanks to the inductive scanning method and the robust ball bearings, the encoders on these series provides increased resistance to vibrations and extends service life.

The 600 series features absolute encoders that can position single or multiturn movements. The encoders communicate via the serial interfaces SSI and EnDat, or with advanced fieldbus interfaces such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or CANopen. Profibus models are mainly used at the iron&steel sector, to be precise at the rolling mills and is highly resistant to heavy duty working conditions, like all other LEINE LINDE encoders.


Outer Diameter 58 mm
Vibration 300 m/s2
Shaft Load 100N(axial)/140N(Radial)
Working Temperature -40… +100 C
600 Series
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